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Finative helps commercial finance brokers minimise admin and focus on their client's financial needs.

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Why use Finative?

Using Finative will re-invent your broker services with a comprehensive client management system and data aggregation platform. Giving you more time and capability to focus on client relationships.

Instant Digital Transformation

Say goodbye to manual, paper-based processes and utilise the latest financial technology instead. Finative gives you tools to integrate client journeys directly into your website and manage all information in a central system.

Time Saving Automation

Stop wasting time with long email chains. Finative uses a collection of APIs and tools that enable fast and efficient information sharing. This includes Company House information, Open Banking, credit reports, file uploads and digital forms. This upfront data aggregation leaves more time for the conversations that matter.

Upgrade your Client's Experience

Every client that connects through Finative gets their own dashboard so all the information stays in one place and is ready for any time they need your services. Giving you more opportunity to offer pro-active support for your client and intervene when help is needed most.

Manage a Team

Finative makes it easier to scale your team. Effortlessly assign clients to members of your team and track every stage. You have full visibility.

Custom Tasks

Need something specific? Don't let it get lost in an email. Use Finative to set-up your own custom tasks so you and your clients stay on track.

Directory Listing

Opt-in to have a listing in the Finative directory and gain a new channel for leads. Now there's no excuse not to have an online presence.

Track Everything

Finative tracks all client interactions and stores all client information. Giving you a view of past performance and readiness for any audits.

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Features & Benefits

Finative provides a single view of all your customers in one place, powering faster & more informed decision-making.

Open Banking

Higher quality insight, transparency and confidence through a real-time view of a customer’s bank accounts

Gathering  & Share Information

Allow clients to upload relevant documents securely providing a clear audit trail and GDPR compliance.

Credit Score

Get an immediate snapshot of client affordability and credit history

Data Visualisation & Insights

Make sense of client data through visualisation, and make informed decisions through insights.

Data Portability

Easily share, export or send client information to company stakeholders

Website Integration

Embed our solution onto your website, taking your onboarding and service experience to the next level.

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